Personal, Educational, Production Use ( “As Is”, With Original Melodies)

  • Deconstruct and learn arrangement, structure, composition, sound processing, automation, etc
  • Practice mixing and mastering
  • Practice composition, arrangement, etc
  • Use samples, presets, processing racks from templates for your own commercial productions
  • Play at home for your own personal enjoyment
  • Play at the club/festival/party
  • Use in a live theatrical performance

Commercial Use Of Templates

You can use the templates purchased on Producer Space for commercial purposes if you made considerable changes/modifications to the main melodies. That’s a strict minimum requirement. You can keep drum samples, drum patterns, track structure, effects, synth presets, processing, etc.

If you modified all the main melodies then you can:

  • Use templates as a starting point for your own commercial productions
  • Release on a record label, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc
  • Use for TV, web or radio advertisement
  • Use in videos, films, trailers, apps, games, or other multimedia projects
  • Use as part of a product available for purchase in a store or online

However, we recommend you to make deeper template modification (change synth presets, some drum samples, effects) if you’re going to release template-based track on a record label.

What you Cannot Do With The Templates

  • Re-sell or share the project (modified or not) or any samples/presets/MIDI files from the project
  • Claim exclusive ownership or authorship of the track without modifying the original melodies
  • Use for creating sample libraries, sound banks, templates and royalty-free music

Want license specifics? Check out the full license text here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I render the template ‘as-is’ and release it on a record label?
No. You must make significant modifications to the template before releasing it. For example, change the root note, melodies, sound processing, add your own creative ideas and sounds, etc. The main (and minimum) requirement is to change all the main melodies.

Are there any restrictions on using the samples and presets from the template I purchased?
All samples and presets used in the templates are royalty-free. You can use separate samples and presets in your own music productions. You are allowed to create the unlimited number of music productions based on one template, as long as significant changes have been made. Any kind of separate distribution is strictly prohibited.