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Euphoric Trance Vocals

Talented female vocalist Mandy Jones delivers 140+ breathtaking trance vocal samples in this stunning FREE sample pack. Inspirational and uplifting, this pack offers eight mini construction kits, each including a lyrical vignette, ad-libs, and accompanying MIDI files.

Soulful House Vocals

Can you dig it? Talented female vocalist Mandy Jones delivers 300+ dynamic, soulful ad-libs in Soulful House Vocals, an absolute must-have sample pack! This pack covers a variety of keys and house tempos (122-128 BPM), and offers a beautiful collection of highly usable melodic and spoken ad-libs, including hooks, one-shots, and FX.

Cybersecurity Words

This free pack contains over 500 terminological vocal samples that are perfect for adding a technical edge to your productions, regardless of genre. Create glitch vocals and striking pre-drops, or enhance electro or tech tracks with this high-quality and thorough bank of InfoSec related terms.

Sci-Fi Words

Welcome, humans. Are you looking for the right vocal samples to enhance your ambient, sci-fi, or tech tracks? Sci-Fi Words delivers 250+ words and phrases that evoke galactic, scientific, technological, and futuristic imagery–ideal for creating fantastical, atmospheric productions. From astronomical terms and sci-fi quotes, to spacecraft computer announcements and narrative phrases, this pack offers a wealth of samples to enable your creativity!

Dance Vocal Shouts 2

Vibe this! Dance Vocal Shouts Volume 2 features 70+ vocal shout phrases and words that are perfect for EDM drops, funk, hip-hop, and soulful house tracks. Add flavour and attitude to your sound with a variety of sassy and funky phrases, from dispassionate to energetic in delivery.

Spoken Quotes

If you’re looking for interesting spoken word samples for your productions, Spoken Quotes delivers! Choose from 68 vocal samples of extended quotes and phrases attributed to famous philosophers, poets, writers, and scientific figures. Whether you want to create unique atmospheres, hooks, and pre-drops, or pitched-down deep house vocals, this pack is sure to add usable diversity to your sample collection!

Pop Progressions

Pop Piano Progressions is a must-have collection of 32 classic pop chord progressions for beginners and experts alike. Mix and match to create your own unique extended progressions, practise your songwriting and arrangement, or transpose and change tempo to fit existing productions.

Counter Culture

This is a revolution! Counter Culture features 70+ rebellion-themed phrases in different styles perfect for adding energy, character, and attitude to your edgy, industrial, or socially conscious productions. Enhance a feisty drum & bass track, or create catchy, aggressive hooks, FX, and backgrounds.

House Piano Riffs

House Piano Riffs delivers a groovy collection of MIDI construction kits each containing piano, bass, and string elements. Build arrangements around a variety of melodic riffs, referencing Latin styles, jazz, soulful house and more.

Vocal Percussion FX

Vocal Percussion FX delivers a diverse collection of 150 percussive vocal hits and fx, including kicks, snares, toms, crashes, high-hats, shakers, clicks, pops, breaths, sighs, and more! Use these samples to texturize and diversify your tracks, or build entirely new beats.

Spanish Dance Vocals

Hola! Add Spanish flair to your productions with Spanish Dance Vocals! This pack includes 60 expressive, romantic, and sassy phrases that elicit fun and sensuality. Perfect for EDM, Latin house, deep house, and much more. A bonus PDF translation guide is also included.

Computer World

This free sample pack covers a variety of spoken phrases and terminology related to computer systems and networks. With 60+ vocal samples, you’re sure to find plenty of material for creating tech-style EDM pre-drops, computerised vocalisations and much more.

Dance Vocal Shouts

Turn it up! Check out this collection of bold words and feisty phrases, a fun and highly usable sample pack of one-shots that works well in various different genres. From high-impact shouts to dispassionate hits, 200 samples are included, so go wild!

Fashion Words

Walk the catwalk! Fun, fabulous, and elegant – that’s the fashion world. From sophisticated spoken words and phrases, to famous fashion quotes, this pack features 60+ highly usable free vocal samples.

Hollywood Words

Welcome to Hollywood! This stylish vocal pack captures the essence of Tinseltown with 70+ vocal samples, including a variety of spoken words and phrases inspired by the film and entertainment world.

Inspirational Words

Be inspired! This uplifting vocal pack contains 100+ spoken words that awaken the spirit and invigorate the mind.

Meditation Words

Relax! This vocal sample pack of 60 meditative words and phrases evokes calm, peace, and tranquillity. Use these samples to enhance ambient music, meditations, affirmations, or self-development podcasts.

Provocative Whispers

Shh! Provocative Whispered Words is the sexy vocal sample pack you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for adding subtle character and sensuality to any track, this pack has 50 whispered words to enhance your productions.

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